SCOPe – Spinal Orthotics

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Idiopathic Adolescent Scoliosis Treatment (Spine Concept Sobernheim)

The course covers theory und principles of brace technology and treatment according to the brace classification system developed by Spine Concept Sobernheim.

Participants get hands-on clinical education and training on patient assessment, blue-print analysis and the full manufacturing process of the spinal brace including outcome measures.

Focus of the subject-theoretical content:

  • Basics of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Classic diseases and indications
  • Classification and effects of spinal braces
  • Construction principles
  • Biomechanical principles and design of spinal braces
  • Supply examples for supportive, stabilizing and corrective orthoses

Focus of the practical seminar content:

  • Patient Anamnesis
  • Measurements and casting techniques
  • Cast rectification and modeling techniques
  • Production process
  • Fitting / testing of the brace and application of necessary corrections
  • Analysis and outcome measures

To blend E-Learning with clinical hands-on training, mentoring and labs practice is an excellent way to enable education parallel to the job!

Christian Schlierf (CEO, Human Study e.V.)