Specialised Courses in Orthotics and Prosthetics

Welcome to SCOPe, a leading provider of education in orthotics and prosthetics.

SCOPe courses have been specially designed to be the most accessible and flexible way to build your career in orthotics and prosthetics. SCOPe is ultimately focussed on meeting the growing global demand for highly skilled orthotist prosthetists in organizations, communities, in public, private and not for profit sectors.
SCOPe courses utilize an innovative curriculum design to support participants to both building new skills and to grow their existing skills and competencies to effectively meet the needs of their communities as orthotic prosthetic practitioners. With SCOPe these skills are built bit by bit through a series of short, highly specialized courses which can be taken one at a time whilst maintaining employment. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, SCOPe has courses to suit you.
Through a dynamic mix of video lectures, quizzes, hands-on clinical practice and comprehensive follow up, participants can integrate their new skills into daily practice.
All of SCOPe’s education is flexible, focussed and accredited orthotic and prosthetic education.

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SCOPe training courses run from 6-12 weeks in length and deliver the education across a number of formats, and each scope course takes participants through 3 important steps including:

  1. Web-based academic/ theoretical studies (This includes multi-media content, pre-recorded and live lectures)
  2. Onsite clinical application of theory (This occurs onsite at either the participants own workshop, or at a workshop easily accessible to the participant for a period of 5-7 days.)
  3. Follow-up (SCOPe educators follow up with participants for 3 months following the hands-on workshop, to assist with the application of knowledge into regular daily practice. Participants are able to engage with the lecturers to ask questions and review cases to ensure participants are confident in their new skills.)

Participants will have opportunities to network, share experiences and learn with people with similar interests from across the globe. The course will be discussion focussed using examples from practice for practical applications of the concepts and frameworks covered in the course.

How do I start?

Simply get in touch with the SCOPe Team ask for enrollment information:

Who can enter a SCOPe Course?

Anyone can enter a SCOPe course!

If you are new to the field of orthotics and prosthetics, then the basic courses are a great place to start!

However, you should be working at a P&O facility actively providing services for patients. At last one year of professional experience in the field is recommended.

If you already have an orthotic/prosthetic qualification, then the advanced courses will extend your knowledge and enable you to build competency in new areas, increasing your scope of practice.

Who are the lecturers?

The beauty of blended learning is that SCOPe engages with experts in the field from all around the world! SCOPe has a diverse range of lecturers from Spain, Germany, Australia, Tunisia, Croatia, Thailand and the United States. This diversity provides international perspectives and developments which filter nicely through the course, which is rarely achieved in more traditional orthotic/prosthetic schools.

How can the SCOPe programs get me a qualification?

To help ensure that you are able to satisfy continuing education requirements of your country, SCOPe can apply in advance to your local Certification Board for continuing education credits.

Once you have completed the required number of SCOPe Courses, you may be eligible to sit the ISPO Category 2 (Associate Prosthetist Orthotist) Exam.


SCOPe courses to build new skills from start to finish.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, SCOPe has courses to suit you.
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